The Halloween Episode with Ghost Stories and More – The Big Séance Podcast: My Paranormal World #47

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!!Happy Halloween!!

Originally posted on The Big Séance:

Lots of Halloween spooky goodness, with special guests, including Jim Harold of the Paranormal Podcast and Jim Harold’s Campfire! This episode is jam packed with ghost stories and more!

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FEAR: Largest Obstacle of Being A Paranormal Investigator!!

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Originally posted on The Ghost Advocates:

From the time we are young children there is a certain amount of “fears” that become embedded into our sub-conscience such as fear of the dark, fear of things that go bump in the night, monsters under our bed etc. If we did a survey of the public and ask them if they would go to a proven haunted location with us….I guarantee that at least 90% of those we asked would have an excuse why they could not go or they would just say it was too creepy to even imagine them going to a place so spooky.

So lets dive into the subject of “FEAR” and see if we can dispel some of those fears for you. First of all, children are innately scared of most things when they are small. However, by the time we become adults most of those fears have dissipated, in most cases of…

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Belief in the afterlife for some investigators, like myself, is as real and personal as getting in a car and driving down a road. It is those personal experiences that can confirm to us that our belief in something beyond this life does not have to be proved by the measuring of emf or capturing a ghostly voice on a recorder. It is more so about how we can accept it; not logically but just because “IT IS”.

Originally posted on The Ghost Advocates:

Most paranormal investigators become interested in the existence of an afterlife because of experiences they have had sometime in there life. They find themselves wanting to explain that experience by exploring the world of research and investigations.

Over the last decade or so a mindset of needing evidence to back paranormal experiences has come into play. Most investigators seem to think that personal experiences do not count when it comes to evidence. WHY??

  1. If an investigator has an experience like hearing a voice that should not be there or feel as if they have been touched on the shoulder then why is it necessary dismiss it?
    • Our minds have a distinct way of dealing with any type of experience whether paranormal or not. Our logic and spiritual sides are in constant battles. Our humanity expects that being logical is what we are supposed to do. Believing in the experience without…

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Rural Legend

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Originally posted on Appalachian Ink:

I received notice that my short story, Rural Legend, a tale I’d penned back in 1999, had won first place at the Appalachian Heritage Writer’s Symposium for 2014. This honor means more to me than words can express. Not only for the honor itself, but because the story itself is, for the most legendary part, true as the proverbial Gospel.

Rural Legend

(reprised and revisited, 2014)

            Poor Naomi Proffitt had come down with the worst kind of homesickness, the sort for which she had found no cure. She longed for a place she had never been, a home to which she could not return, a haven that didn’t exist upon this earth. There is no word that I know of to describe such an aching grief, but Naomi had it just the same.

It was the summer of 1929, a sultry afternoon in dog days when not even…

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The Secret Link between Magic and the Occult

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This is an excellent post and one that all paranormal investigators should read.

Originally posted on News From The Spirit World:

                                                                                     By Corey Francis

A lot of people I have met over the years that either are or claim to be paranormal investigators or have a strong interest in the field have very little knowledge and experience in an area of study, which to me should be a prerequisite to any one who wishes to study the field seriously.

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Can Paranormal Investigators Become Psychic? – The Possible 6 Signs of Awakening Abilities!!

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Originally posted on The Ghost Advocates:

After hanging out with ghosts for over three decades and seeing what other investigators feel, see and communicate about experiences of paranormal activity The Ghost Advocates would say “Yes” they do become either more psychic / sensitive to ghost / spirit activity. There are a few signs of increasing psychic abilities that we have seen in other investigators.

  • Psychic intuition when entering a haunted location, being able to sense if a location is haunted and feeling where the activity is located.
  • Typically knowing information about location before going to it, such as psychic images of the location or a possible knowing of how the building interior looks
  • Stronger feelings or senses that can cause emotional and physical affects to their bodies.
  • Ghosts that seem to be more attracted to the investigator and follows them home more frequently
  • The ability to know when a ghost / spirit is in the room…

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People in Parapsychology: XXII: Charles T. Tart

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Originally posted on Parapsychology:

Carlos S. Alvarado, PhD, Research Fellow, Parapsychology Foundation

Tart Altered States AnchorI started reading Dr. Charles T. Tart from my early days as a psychology student in the early 1970s. I still remember the excitement I felt when I read his anthology Altered States of Consciousness, in its 1972 Anchor books edition. Later on I acquired his other publications and, eventually, got to see him at the 1979 convention of the Parapsychological Association. Over the years I have had more contact and correspondence with him, and it gives me great pleasure that he accepted my invitation to be interviewed for my blog.

Dr. Charles T. Tart Dr. Charles T. Tart

Charley has a Ph.D. in psychology (1963), and an Aikido Shodan (black belt, 1987). Among his many awards he has been the recipient of the Parapsychological Association’s Outstanding Career Award (1999) and Division 30 of the American Psychological Association’s Distinguished Contributions to Scientific Hypnosis Award…

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